Dr Tod Howard Has The Right Ideas

Update: Although I like what Tod Howard had to say, I am supporting Jo Ann Jones for school board. I wrote this before I personally met Jo Ann Jones. He has ideas, but she has great ideas and experience in education.


Last weekend, I went to a Meet The Candidates forum where I got to know people who are running for office locally in my county. At that forum, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr Tod Howard (CAN-R) who running for Lake County School Board District 3. This is because he had a great and simple message:

The problems with the schools is that they are top heavy. He noted that with one school (and I forget which one), has eight assistant principals. That floored the entire group listening to the candidates. Sure, he noted, teacher pay reform is a must, but he wanted to go to the school board to cut the administrative budget of the schools. Dr Howard also thinks that things would get done quicker if the schools had a direct and more effective chain-of-command.

The reason why I am sharing this with you, is that while everyone is focused on teachers, Dr Howard had yet another good idea (one that others might have also had) to make schools effective and budget friendly. Next school board meeting you go to, make sure you bring up school administrations and if the board is doing anything to make them more efficient.