Eight-Year-Old Dies A Hero

This here is a tear-jerker story. If you don’t have a tissue handy, I suggest you turn back now.

8-Year-Old Boy Dies With Baby Brother While Trying To Save Him From Burning NYC House

NEW YORK (AP) – An 8-year-old-boy ran back into his burning apartment to save his little brother but died along with him in the thick smoke and flames, according to neighbors and relatives.

Tyanthony Duckette and his sister were carried out of Thursday morning’s blaze at the Queens duplex by his grandmother Carlota Wilson. But when she was unable to find 17-month-old Daniel Wilson, Tyanthony ran back to save him.

Shortly afterward, the two children were pulled out of the house by firefighters. They couldn’t be revived at a hospital.

“The boy was very close, very, very tight-knit with all of his siblings,” the boys’ grandfather, Andrew Wilson, told the Daily News of New York. “I’m not surprised that he would do it. He would never want to see his little brother suffer.”

Wilson, 59, said, “He’s our little determined hero.”

While I would not suggest you do something like this, this kid risked his life to go save his brother. He thought nothing of himself as he went in to rescue his sibling and we normally honor such people. It breaks my heart that both didn’t live, because it would have been the perfect ending to such a tale of courage.