Homeless Student Becomes Valedictorian

There are victims, then there are winners. This kid is not a victim:

Homeless Student Becomes Valedictorian Of Texas High School

A homeless student (Victor Cardenas) was named Valedictorian of his Texas high school…


[Victor] kept his homeless state to himself and slept most nights on a park bench in Denver Harbor.

“I guess I didn’t want to say anything, to anybody,” he explains.

Furr high friends offered him shelter and support in their homes.

“Like they are my family. That is what I always say, they are my family,” says Victor.

Victor Cardenas is acing multiple advanced placement tests, mastering the Russian language and earning national accolades for his film work.

Next fall, he’ll attend Texas A&M University and study bio-chemistry on full scholarship.

Becoming a Valedictorian is no small feat. Doing it while homeless, that is just plain amazing. This kid didn’t let a disadvantage hold him back. He didn’t take the easy road of government handouts or crime. Instead he took the bull by the horns and is currently making something of himself. Victor is half my age, yet he is currently my hero.

Only in America, and no where else, can you be poor and still make something of yourself. Victor Cardenas is proof of that statement. Liberals and Progressives would have you believe that it is the government who can only help the poor. We now know that the poor can pick themselves up, only if they have the drive like Victor!

Remember his name, because I hope there will be great things coming from Victor Cardenas in the near future.