Hot Air.com: Chuck DeVore Should Drop Out

Of all the sites and people, I would have never have thought Hot Air would be calling for Chuck DeVore to drop out:

Chuck DeVore is a solid conservative, very well-qualified to be senator or to hold other important offices or positions, but he doesn’t seem to have a prayer of both overtaking Carly Fiorina and defeating Tom Campbell in the June 8 Republican senate primary. He should drop out and, following Sarah Palin’s lead, endorse Fiorina for the good of the conservative movement, the state, and the nation.

While not written by Allahpundit or Ed Morrissey, but one of them promoted it from their Green Room and so they promote the idea. I’m disappointed in this article calling for DeVore to drop out of the race. No one should drop out of that race. Debate is healthy. Besides, what if Carly Fiorina implodes over a scandal or something? What will happen if DeVore is long since gone?

Sure Carly Fiorina might win. If that is the will of California Republicans, then I will support their will and I trust they know what they are doing. I live in Florida and so I can’t tell them what to do. I do like Chuck DeVore and hope he still pulls out a win, but I will not speak ill of Fiorina. I’ll take a Scott Brown over a Martha Coakley any day of the week.

That said, DeVore should not drop out. More, honest, debate is never a bad thing. The people of Hot Air should be ashame of themselves for trying to stop this debate that the California Republicans need.