Politician Vs Republican: Florida's 5th Congressional District Edition

If you haven’t heard yet, the people of Florida’s 5th Congressional District got screwed April 30th. Here’s the brief story:

Eleven minutes after the noon April 30 candidate filing deadline for the 2010 election, Brown-Waite announced her intentions to forgo her candidacy and threw her support to Hernando Sheriff Richard Nugent, who had qualified earlier that morning by paying a $10,440 filing fee. The ploy burned multiple mainstream Republicans, some of whom wouldn’t have minded running for the seat or at least having a larger say in who should be the favored successor.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The two people who hurt the people of Florida’s 5th Congressional District was current Representative Ginny Brown-Waite and Hernando Sheriff Richard Nugent. This was done with such little fanfare, that even I didn’t know about it until two days later. They didn’t help their case when they said it was their seat and that they really didn’t consider the voters of Florida’s 5th. I have been looking into Dick* Nugent and have yet to figure out where he stands on the issues. Sheriff Nugent seems to be running just to run. He still doesn’t have a website yet, but has collected thousands in campaign contributions (from Washington DC) including $5,000 from Brown-Waite. Nugent also refuses to resign from his current job as sheriff to campaign full-time and will soon be taking over the county jail. He doesn’t have any networking site, like Twitter or Facebook page. From my point of view, Sheriff Nugent isn’t taking this campaign seriously and/or thinks this seat will be just handed to him. He’s not running on any platform other than “Elect Me!” campaign that Charlie Crist is trying to run on.

On the other hand, Jason Sager, is running for a reason:

Sager, who is campaigning full-time, has his own strategy.

People used to win elections before there was radio,” he said. “You have to put your feet on the ground.”

Sager’s feet hit the ground in earnest after Brown-Waite’s Oct. 17 appearance before the Hernando 912 Project that Sager helped form and grow from two people to 250 members. A snippet of her talk is linked to his campaign website and in it she calls the U.S. Constitution a living document. (Video Here)

That’s not what the strict constructionists believe. They contend the federal government has overstepped its authority, intruded into individual liberties and matters that should be determined by the states. After that meeting, Sager said members of the Hernando 912 Project asked him to run.

The article says he is willing to meet with anyone and it’s true. I met Jason Sager (see full interveiw here: Stand With Sager: The Man Of Hell No) back in February and I’d like you to meet him too. He didn’t buy his way into this race, since October he has gone out and collected the 7,300 signatures needed to get on the ballot. He’s not out there to further his own politcal career, he is an everyday man who thought he could make a difference and was urged by the Hernando 912 Project even when it was consider laughable to challenge the incumbent Ginny Brown-Waite. Sager has also allied himself with The Freshmen 50 PAC, which is a group running on a platform. Sager is not taking this campaign for granted and, like I said, is willing to meet anyone in order to talk about the issues. He has a website and twitter, flickr, youtube, and meet-up account to get his message out to the people. Sager wants to talk to and listen to, the people of Florida’s 5th Congressional District and wants to represent them in the US House of Representatives. I am thankful that such a man was already running and can challenge Ginny Brown-Waite’s anointed political follower.

So what we have here, is a Politician (Nugent) and a Republican (Conservative, Sager) looking for the Republican Nomination for Florida’s 5th US Congressional District. This is not a real hard choice for us people. This is our chance to take this seat from a Politician and give it to a true, Conservative, Republican. I call on Erick, The Directors, Front Pagers, and even everyday Diariests of RedState.com to get behind Jason Sager. It’s not enough to just support Marco Rubio (however that’s important too). Let’s send them both to Washington DC to do the people’s work.


PS: Stand With Sager (CAN-R-FL-05)

*Dick is short for Richard… Meh, I just enjoy calling him a Dick and get away with it.