Meet Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05)

Hello RedState! I would like you to meet someone I met. His name is Jason Sager and he is running for Florida’s 5th Congressional District. Instead of taking his word on his website, I personally met the man. This guy is the real deal.

I first heard of Jason Sager when I went to see Glenn Beck and he announced his 100-Year Plan. I got a flyer and believing in a robust debate, sign the petition to get him in the primary.

When I got home and looked briefly at his website, I wondered if I could meet the man himself. So I sent him an email asking him if I could interview him. I made sure he knew I was not a front pager here on RedState. He said he understood, but still wanted to do the interview. So we plan to meet next time he was in The Villiages.

So in February, we meet (see full interveiw here: Stand With Sager: The Man Of Hell No) and let me tell you this guy is the real deal. In fact by the end of the interview, there was a woman who was listening in at the next table over and loved what Jason had to say. She also signed the petition to put Jason on the ballot. Please read the whole interview, because it’s really informative. Jason spoke with real passion and knew about the issues that he was talking about. While I didn’t agree with everything he had to say, I liked his honesty and loved that he didn’t hold back.

Since I did the interview, Jason has joined The Freshmen 50 in a new “Contract With America” for incoming Republican Freshmen. While I think a couple of the points in The Freshmen 50 platform are unrealistic, I approve that they are taking a stand on those issues. Please check out The Freshmen 50 to find those running in your district who has signed onto the platform.

Not only does Jason Sager has a website where you can now contribute to his campaign, but you can follow him on Flickr, YouTube, (Volunteer At) MeetUp, and Twitter. This guy has a network up and running.

At first, Jason Sager was going to go head-to-head with incumbent Red Queen Ginny Brown-Waite. However through backroom shenanigans, Jason is now running against a Dick*. Sheriff Nugent, a real Charlie Crist Republican, went from Hernando County Sheriff to Washington Insider in no time. Richard Nugent isn’t really running for anything, he’s only doing it because Ginny Brown-Waite wanted him to run.

So if it is a choice between the Conservative or the Politician, I will Stand With Sager and I hope you will too. Please spread the word about this awesome guy!


*Dick, short for Richard… Well, he is!