[**BIG UPDATE**] Video: Teabagger At Tucson City Council Meeting

(Via Ace Of Spades HQ) Awesome. No words can describe what I felt when I heard Gabriella’s words. She is not just an immigrant, she is an American! One who choose to come here and did so legally!

People are so concern about the illegal immigrants, what about the citizen’s concerns? Does the government work for us or what? In this case, isn’t there a pot-hole or a street light be better money spent than suing the state of Arizona over the hurt feelings of a couple ILLEGAL immigrants?


(UPDATE): Crom’s Toothbrush! Ok people, clearly some of you didn’t get the joke. Liberals like to call people “Teabaggers” who go to town-hall meetings and protests to speak out against Liberal policies. They normally like to use the term against white people, who they think are racist rednecks. The title, and the joke, was to turn that term on it’s head and show how ignorant Liberals really are.

If you are truly offended by this post’s title, then you take this stuff too seriously. Breathe deep and let it roll off of you. Learn to laugh, you’ll live longer.