(Sortof) Meet Richard Nugent (CAN-R-FL-05)

Oh great, another Dick* running for office. After much research, I can now tell you what I have learn about Richard Nugent:

That’s it. I’m telling you, this is Florida 5th District’s Man Of Mystery. Oh sure, Hernando County might know him, but that does do the rest of the district no good. This guy doesn’t even have a website up yet.

I did however find this Know Your Candidates from the St. Pete Times, but that is just under six years old and it doesn’t get into policy matters or political beliefs. Try checking out the website listed for him, gone.

And that’s another thing. This guy knew he was going to run on the 24th of April and announce he was going to run on the 30th with the backing of Ginny Brown-Waite. This guy had six whole days and still he did nothing! He couldn’t get a simple website up with a picture of him saying hello and a quick “contact me” email? Does he even have a Facebook page or Twitter account (I looked up Richard Nugent on both places and only found another guy from the UK, so don’t look there)? Could he not get a simple free WordPress or Blogger account to start rolling out what he wants to do or where he stands on the important issues of the day?

Looks like to me, that he can’t be bother to do even the simple things! This guy has less than four months to get his act together. I can’t find anything on this guy except a few bits and pieces in articles dealing with law-enforcement.

And then it’s the way he announced his entrance into the race. Nugent went on about his career in the Air Force and Law-Enforcement. He didn’t follow up with any policy stance. Without any policy, you are just reporting for duty.

I would like to say he’s a progressive (from what I have heard and read), but I honestly can’t back that up. All I can say is that this guy is a Politician. To me, that is worse than being a progressive. At least we know where he stands on issues if we knew he was a Big Government Republican (aka: a RINO) and call him out.

If Dick* Nugent thinks he could skate on by us on just an endorsement from Ginny Brown-Waite, he’s got another thing coming. This guy has already dug himself a big hole over the back-room shenanigans he and Ginny Brown-Waite pulled, so he better be very impressive from here on out. In fact, it will take nothing short of a miracle for me to change my mind about this guy. He lied and cheated his way into this race and so I have little respect for him. As a police officer (and he’s a Sheriff on top of everything), he should be ashame of what he did.


PS: Stand With Sager (CAN-R-FL-05)

*Dick, short for Richard. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.