Ginny Brown-Waite: The Red Queen

This is just great. When criticized about how she announced her retirement, Ginny Brown-Waite responded with a statement that would be funny if she wasn’t so serious:

U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite’s Handoff Of Her Seat To Sheriff Irks Many

“It’s clear that these critics belong to the Charlie Crist wing of the Republican Party – their real concern is their personal political gain,” Brown-Waite said, referring to the Florida governor who left the party last week to run for the U.S. Senate as an independent. “Not one of the politicians who made a negative comment inquired about my health. How callous and uncaring of them to think only of their next political step.”

There is so much wrong with that comment, I do not know where to begin. However I will try to respond to her silly comments:

1) Wanting to run for public office in and of itself, does not make someone a politician. Charlie Crist is running on a “Elect Me For Me” campaign. We do not know what platform Nancy Argenziano and Mike Fasano would have run on, and because of you we may never know. However that WAS NOT YOUR DECISION.

2) Your retirement or your health is not the issue here. You trying to play the “pitty me” card is infuriating to no end and will not work here. If you want someone to pitty you, get a dog!

3) What is the issue, is that you knew back in March that you were going to retire and kept it a secret the whole time. A better way would have been to to announce your retirement back in March, get Nugent to enter the race, and then endorse him. Instead you thought you would pull a fast one on the people of Florida’s 5th and try to stack the deck in favor of Nugent. Well frankly, it is not going to work.

And you picked a real winner too. The guy doesn’t even have a campaign office, number, website (trust me, I have looked), or platform. If anything, Nugent is the real Charlie Crist of the 5th district. On top of anything, he really doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut:

It was her seat,” Nugent said. “Out of respect to her, we did it her way.”

It’s not her seat, as other people have already pointed out, it belongs to the people of Florida’s Fifth District! I bet now that the Red Queen has degreed it her way, you now see the seat as yours?

Well not today buddy boy, not ever! You have pissed off the wrong Republican living in your district, Dick*! I will see to it you remain the Sheriff of Hernando County**!


PS: Stand With Sager (CAN-R-FL-05)

*Dick, short for Richard. His name is now a gift for me.

**I don’t live in Hernando County, but I will also support almost anyone who will run against you for Sheriff of Hernando County come 2012. Don’t believe me? We will see.