Moderate Vs Politician

Ok, we all know Charlie Crist is the worest person since Benedict Arnold (or Arlen Specter, take your pick). But this Burn All The Moderates thing is a bit over the top, no?

There is a difference between a Moderate and a Politician, let us not confuse the two. A Moderate is someone who takes a slightly center view on some issues while holding some basic principles and beliefs. A Politician is someone who has no beliefs whatsoever and will say or do anything to get elected.

Charlie Crist is a Politician. Perfect example is his stance on off shore drilling. He ping-pongs so many times on the issue, it’s not even funny anymore. Try and get a straight answer out of him, I dare say it’s impossible. Charlie Crist stands for Charlie Crist, and no one else. The term “RINO” was coined for him.

John McCain is admittedly a Politician. Still, he’s a step better than Crist. For if he is defeated in the primary, I think he’ll support JD Hayworth. McCain supported GW Bush in 2000 and I think he’ll do it this time around as well.

Joe Lieberman, now he’s a good example of a Moderate (if albeit, a Democratic one). He has taken principle stand on every issue and will run on those principles. He does break from his party on foreign policy, but he’s not wishy-washy on it and you know where he’ll vote on an issue. This is why he was able to run and win as Independant, because he stood for things and not just himself. Now while I won’t vote for Joe Lieberman, I will give him props for standing on principles.

I’m also a Moderate. I’m with you on a fiscal conservative and small government, a strong foreign policy, and that the US Constitution should be followed. Where I become a Moderate is that I stand on most conservative-social issues, for different reasons. For example, I don’t like abortions (I just think that’s wrong) and embryonic stem cell research (why can’t we focus on adult stem cell research?). I think the only thing I break with you guys is I think Civil Unions is a way to go. I’m an Atheist, but I am not an Anti-Theist (sometimes Atheists get those two terms mixed up) and loath groups like the American Atheists. Sure my beliefs are complicated, but I do have core beliefs and you’ll know where I will come down on an issue. I rather you hate me for what I am, than love me for what I am not.

I, like you, stand with people who stand on principle. Even as a Moderate, I like and support Marco Rubio, not just because he’s a Conservative, but because he’s a Principled Conservative! That is what matters!


PS: I know true Moderates are rare, you don’t have to tell me. This is why we have primaries.