VIDEO: Marco Rubio On Obama Terrorism Policy

This is why I love, LOVE Marco Rubio (Via The Other McCain):

This is why I have a man crush on Marco Rubio, for he leaves no “ifs” or “butts” in his answers. Rubio is way ahead of Charlie Crist and he could have track to the center with this answer, but he is not a wishy-washy person. I absolutely love it!

“It’s naive, short-sighted, quite frankly, misguided in terms of what he thinks he’s going to accomplish. These folks don’t attack America because of something America’s done or because we hurt their feelings. They want to attack America because of who we are. We’re the only country standing in their way from imposing their worldview on as many people as possible.”

Awesome, but the real red meat is left for Israel:

“Israel has to do whatever Israel needs to do for their own national security. You would hope that the United States, by taking a stronger role, would prevent that from needing to happen, but ultimately, I don’t think any of us are going to blame Israel if they take it upon themselves to ensure that the security and well-being of their people is safeguarded.”

Outstanding. Rubio knows who our allies are and is not scared to stand tall with them. I want this guy to be our next Senator so bad! I wish I could donate to him to help put Charlie Crist away for good!

I know I will drive my family to the polls and get them to vote for Marco Rubio. I would also work at a phone bank if I can.


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