Don't Feel Sorry For Caterpillar

Don’t you dare feel sorry for Caterpillar or for it’s CEO Jim Owens.

(via LaborUnionReport and AoSHQ) They, along with other big-name companies, will be losing a total of BILLIONS of private sector dollars because of ObamaCare. This has caused Henry Waxman and Bart Stupak of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation to call them up and grill them on the numbers.

However don’t you dare feel sorry for Caterpillar CEO Jim Owens. He did, after all, choose to get in bed with Obama over the $787 Billion Crap Sandwich.

So when you tune into C-SPAN and watch Democrats grill Jim Owens and he is sitting there looking like a nervous deer in headlights, don’t pitty him. Point and laugh at him. As we all know that when you dance with the devil in pale moonlight, you shouldn’t be shocked when the devil burns you later in the night. If I was a stock owner, I be hopping mad right now asking for Jim Owens’ head.

If I was on that committee hearing, I would ask Jim Owens how much in stimulus money he has gotten and ask him if he would give some of that money to other companies who are now going to be burned by ObamaCare. I honestly want to see how he answers that question.