Stand With Sager: The Man Of Hell No

“If Republicans are the Party of No, then I’m going to be The Man Of HELL NO!” –Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05)

I laughed, “Can I quote you?”

In fact, I love the quote so much, I choose it as the title of this article. This quote came at the end of our almost two hour talk, and so I will put it in context later. I first became aware of Sager when I went to see Glenn Beck at The Villages. Someone was handing out flyers and a petition to get him on the primary ballot. So I thought it only fitting that I meet with him there. We went this very nice pizza joint call Bravo Pizza, so we had lunch while we talked.

Now I broke down our interview into four phases, so that’s how I will break down this article. I will like to point out that I did give him the opportunity to pass on any question, but he rarely did. I couldn’t ask him everything. First up we talked about some National Personalties. Then some Issues (Foreign, National, and Florida Issues). I also got to know the man on a Personal level. Last, but not least, Why he is running and why him. We covered a lot of ground, so please get some popcorn.

National Personalties

Everyone has an opinion on everyone else, so I thought I let him get some stuff off his mind:

Sager thinks Glenn Beck is the Paul Revere of our time. Limbaugh is the Father of Conservative Talk Radio. Sarah Palin is the genuine deal. However he thinks Newt Gingrich is “Big Party Republican,” enough said there.

He is ok with Jindal, Pawlenty, and Perry, but would like to learn more about them. Thinks McConnell is an ineffectual leader and Sager is not much of a fan of John McCain. Thinks Boehner has a lot of guts, but needs more people like Eric Cantor (“A Rising Star”) and Mike Pence (“Personal Hero”).

While Sager doesn’t know too much about Toomey and Mike Williams (running for Texas US Senate in 2012), he is a big fan of Chuck DeVore.

Then we got into the big elections coming here in Florida. Sager is a big fan of both Bill McCollum and Marco Rubio (however admits to wanting to learn more about Marco Rubio). However he thinks Charlie Crist has been a “miserable failure” as a governor here in Florida and Sager has no problems letting people know what he thinks of Crist.

His handicap on a Republican Pres Nod in 2012? While he doesn’t know for sure, he would like to see Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin to fill that role. Sager looks forward to that debate.


I could honestly spend many articles writing about the many issues we talked about.

Sager likes that we are almost ready to pull out of Iraq, thanks to Bush’s Surge. However he worries about Afghanistan and thinks we either need a stated goal, or pull out. We also need a line drawn in the sand and get better intel on Iran, and Sager thinks Obama is blowing it on Iran. He is very worried about our growing debt to China and how they could threaten to sell our bonds that they have, making them all worthless. Sager thinks both leaders of Cuba and Venezuela are “miserable,” but wonders about the logic in trading with China and not Cuba.

The surprise of the interview came when he denounced Free Trade. Thinks it’s an attack on our sovereignty. Sager believes if we put in a Fair Tax, drop the Corporate Tax Rate & Free Trade completely, then there won’t be enough room for all the businesses coming here to America.

Hates ObamaCare, thinks the Individual Mandate is unconstitutional and it should be scrapped completely.

Is horrified by “Cap & Tax,” Sager believes that the federal government should butt out. Three words for you: “Drill, Baby Drill!”

Can’t stand “Race to the Top” or the Department of Education. He agrees about standards accross the nation, in case people move from state-to-state, but those standards should be agreed to by the states and not the federal government.

Sager slams TARP/Stimulus/Auto Bailouts as both unconstitutional and mishandled.

Card Check? “I’m not much of a fan.” -Sager, with a roll of his eyes. I don’t need to go any further.

Does not believe in a Balance Budget Amendment. He would love a Balance Budget Amendment, but cites California & Florida as why it won’t work. He says such an amendment could justify large tax increases. Instead, he’s all for a “Tax Payer’s Bill Of Rights” and massive spending cuts.

Second Amendment? “I’m carrying right now.” Don’t worry, he has a conceal carry permit. Understands and supports an armed public.

Believes that both the 16th and 17th Amendments should be repealed, as quickly as possible. Sager is a supporter of the Fair Tax. He will also attend a Tenth Amendment Summit, February 25-26, in Atlanta where he’ll be speaking on why the 17th Amendment is such a bad idea.

Thinks Citizens United was a good choice, First Amendment wise, but cautions that it could end up doing damage if people elected don’t follow the constitution.

Turning to two big issues in Florida, Sager is not a fan of light rail. Cites the Tri-Rail as a good reson why the Sun Rail will not work. If you don’t know, Tri-Rail is a money black hole that NO ONE RIDES! While he is a fan of NASA, he thinks the place is currently aimless and fears other countries can surpass our space program while we build trains that should belong in a museum.


Now a little about Jason Sager: He is a born and rasied Floridain, but lived a couple of years in New York. Is a very religious man. Has a business, but it’s currently “non-profit”. If you had corn-dogs, you’d be his best friend. Sager is really into NASCAR and Tony Stewart is his favorite driver. When not watching political cable, enjoys watching shows with his 4-year-old and “24”. He loves Aircraft Owner magazine and wants to one day learn to fly. Hunting and fishing is also a favorite in the family. Was in the Navy and married his High School Sweetheart. And his father is currently his campaign manager.

Considers himself more of a Conservative than a Republican, and (while he has nothing against the TEA Party Movement) has been a 9/12er since 9/12/2001. He loves what Glenn Beck is doing and heads his own 9/12 group.


Because, in his words: “People need to stand up.” I’m thinking that is why his website is called Stand With Sager and not Sager For Congress. He mainly points to Ginny Brown-Waite for why he is running:

First off, Ginny Brown-Waite is a believer of the Living and Annotated Constitution. She supported and campaigned for Dede Scozzafava. Loved Cash For Clunkers, even campaigned for it after it failed. Brown-Waite is a supporter of the GIVE Act (HR 1388). Thinks of herself as a Congresswoman and not a Representive. Basically, he thinks she is more or less a progressive.

Sager sees himself as a Jeffersonian Republican and believes in what the founders wrote in the US Constitution. He will not promise anything, except that he will be a Representive and will work with businesses & people so that they can do their business.

He will fight Obama’s agenda tooth and nail. If a law comes up for a vote and he thinks is Unconstitutional, he’ll vote against it. In his words: “If Republicans are the Party of No, then I’m going to be The Man Of HELL NO!”

My Thoughts

While I don’t agree with him on Free Trade, but I like his honesty. Sager is very personal and very smart. I like what he had to say, so I personally support him and will vote for him in the primary.

By all means, please head to Stand With Sager and check out the video posted there. I am very impressed with how he handle himself and hope to see more of Jason Sager.


PS: I am more than willing to also interview Ginny Brown-Waite. If you are part of her campaign, please email me and we’ll set-up a good time when we can talk.