My Take On Greer Ouster

I may be a Moderate, but I am thankful Jim Greer is on the way out and know that this has nothing to do with moderate-versus-conservative bulls**t (I’m sorry, I am just pissed off here at Greer’s utter gul).

This part of Greer’s statement really pisses me off:

“I have never been a purist,” said Greer, whose resignation is effective Feb. 20. “I believe our party stands for principles and values that should always allow everyone who has an interest in being a part of our party participate.”

Is this guy for real? I’m sorry, but this guy is a complete idiot. I cannot begin to count the ways this guy is brain dead, but let me break down this statement and show you.

Let me first start off with that purist crap. It is obvious to even Democrats that they need a spokesman for their local/state/national party chair in order to raise money and rally the base. So yes, in order to head a party, you must be a party purist.

If I wanted Democrat Party and Democrat-Lite Party, then I’d move to Europe. I want a clear, good choice people. This is why Bill Nelson is still in the Senate instead of a Republican. We just had to get put up a corrupt self-over-everything-else person other than a principle Republican. Pissed me off, because they forced me to vote for Nelson to send them a message! Then Greer again wants to send yet another self-serving opportunist politician! I am thankful that local Republican leaders are waking up and have learn the lesson of NY-23 (where the people should choose and not the party) and Katherine Harris (a self-serving opportunist does not equal a Republican).

This brings me to Greer’s biggest sin, his primary interference:

Former House Minority Leader Curtis Kiser, a stalwart Crist supporter, said Greer first rubbed him wrong in 2007 when the state party began wading into local GOP primaries around the state.

In one case that particularly angered Kiser, a county commissioner in rural Jefferson County near Tallahassee was told by state GOP staffers in 2007 that he couldn’t run for an open House seat in 2008 because the party already had a hand-picked candidate.

Where do I begin? The role of a political party is for people to come together who believe in the same things and then nominate a single person for a public office. They forget (much like the government) that they work for people, not the other way around. The National and State level parties are supposed to coordinate message and efforts, while the people set policy. The whole thing should work from the bottom-up, not the top-down.

Jim Greer lost sight of all of that and it is why he was forced out. He forgot that he was working for all Republicans in the state of Florida, not just for Charlie Crist or himself. Let’s just hope that John Thrasher knows his place and works for the Republican Party of Florida, not for himself.