PUMA: The Progressive Movement Should Die Of Shame

Or with a bullet in the head:

WTF?? If the Progressive Movement hasn’t yet died of shame, someone should put a bullet in its head.

I couldn’t agree more.

Now I will not hide anything from you, I do not agree with PUMA’s 100% of the time. They want full on “Single-Payer” (Medicare and Medicaid for everyone, but they hate ObamaCare) and full troop withdrawal from Af-Pak-Iraq. I don’t think anyone here on RedState would become card carrying PUMA members anytime soon.

However they are clearly disillusion with their people in Congress. Even Stateofdisbelief via The Confluence thinks the Medicare compromise is a con:

[T]he Medicare compromised being described sounds more like a bait and switch con. From all reports, which are sketchy at this point since we haven’t been told the secret handshake and password, the program will be limited to a minute number of uninsured individuals over 55 and set to expire in 2014. And who knows when it would become effective or what it would cost the individual? You didn’t hear them say it would be at the same contribution rates for premium cost sharing as paid by those over 65 did you? Then why the hell should we make that assumption? Dean’s claim that “people over 55 can buy into [the medicare “compromise”].” is misleading at best, and dishonest in it’s form.

I don’t know about you but all of this is beginning to feel like mental waterboarding.

Ouch. They basicly don’t believe this is a good idea or even if this will even be the brought to the floor. You should read the whole thing.

If I was Obama, I would be dreading the upcoming elections. I foresee nothing for the Democrats but a huge pounding in 2010. The TEA Party movement is energizing a move of this country to fiscal sanity and those running for more taxes and speading will only get swept away.