SunRail Is A Go

Which is frankly a bad thing*:

TALLAHASSEE — Ending decades of bottlenecked ambitions for Central Florida mass transit, the Florida Legislature on Tuesday gave final approval to the SunRail train that’s expected to start carrying passengers in 2012.

The Orlando Sentinel gives us a good reason why the Florida Legislature shouldn’t have approve the SunRail, just a few paragraphs later:

And it sends much-needed cash to South Florida, where the Tri-Rail commuter train has been hemorrhaging money.

And I’ll give you other good reasons: Amtrak. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. US Postal Service. I suggest you read Glenn Beck’s “Arguing With Idoits” for all the juicy details on all of those epic boondoogles in government mismanagement into the “for profit” realm. It has and never will work. History has shown us time and again, that this will be a money blackhole for special interest. Sure we will get some temporary jobs building the thing, but it’s only temporary! We need permanent private jobs!

*pulls hair out*

But it gets worse! I can understand that Charlie Crist supports this boondoogle in the making, he called for the special session. However this should be a no brainer for Marco Rubio-

Rubio would not say whether or not he supports the SunRail deal.

“The bottom line is: Is it a transportation program? If the cost benefit analysis is a net positive for Florida, then that’s good. And that’s what it’s been in the past when I was there. If on the other hand it’s being sold because it will add a bunch of jobs to Florida, then I think the answer is no.”

WHAT?! That whole “cost benefit analysis” arguement for a government program is [beep]ing insane**. I- I just don’t know anymore. Obviously, someone hasn’t learn their lesson on the Tri-Rail. Better yet, someone give Mr Rubio a copy of Glenn Beck’s book as soon as possible and tell him to read the part (in the first chapter) about Amtrack. Now I am not a single issue person, but Mr Rubio should know better.


*Article seems to have gone down the memory hole.

**Insane: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.