Plouffe Vs Palin

Pathetic is the word of today (H/T Hot Air):

Apparently, David Plouffe has had some trouble selling his new book, The Audacity to Win, and needs Sarah Palin’s help to generate some sales. Politico’s Ben Smith reports that Plouffe has launched an effort to outsell Sarah Palin for one day — tomorrow — as a means to generate some positive spin for his campaign memoir.

You can watch Plouffes’ pathetic plea on Hot Air, for I will not give dignity to such belly crawling. I am a snake fan and I find this really sad. You don’t see Sarah Palin begging people to buy her book to beat someone for a day, that is because she has (reportly, I haven’t read it… yet) a good book to sell.

I suggest you buy Going Rogue, if you haven’t already, tomorrow. Buy one for me (email me and ask for my mailing address) or for anyone tomorrow, even if you already have bought the book! Let us show this belly crawler that begging won’t get you anywhere.


PS: If you get Going Rogue for me, get it from Moe Lane’s site. Nothing against Ed Morrissey, but I owe Moe a lot. Peace out!