BREAKING: Pirates Hijack Oil Headed For U.S.

File this under “Saw This Coming” file:

NAIROBI, Kenya — Somali pirates seized a tanker carrying crude oil from Saudi Arabia to the United States in the increasingly dangerous waters off East Africa, an official said Monday, an attack that could pose a huge environmental or security threat to the region.

Naw, you don’t say?

The shipping intelligence company Lloyd’s List said the Maran Centaurus is a “very large crude carrier, with a capacity of over 300,000 tons.” Officials could not immediately say how many barrels of oil were on board, but its value would be in the millions of dollars.

There is not much more I can add. I also can’t copy and paste anymore of the article, because I might actually get angrier (if that is even possible).

The crazy left might point to this and say we should get off of oil. I point at this and think we should be drilling our own oil. The biggest people I know who supports drilling more(“Drill Baby, Drill!”), is Marco Rubio and Sarah Palin.


PS: I am currently reading Glenn Beck’s “Arguing With Idiots” (and I will be giving a review when I finish this great book) and I just finished the section on America’s Energy Future (I skip around since it’s a policy book and not an ongoing narritive). I will go into that chapter when I write the review. I’d just like to note that this is just another reason for us to drill for our own oil instead of relying on it from the Middle East/Venezuela.