Glenn Beck's 100-Year Plan

I was at The Villages in Florida today to check out Glenn Beck’s rally. I have some pictures, which I’ll upload to my site later. Right now I want to put down my thoughts on his 100-Year Plan.

First off, let me tell you that Beck was amazing. On the radio, he’s just a voice. On TV, he’s a character. When you see him in real life, you realized the fire and depth this man has inside of him.

While he has been asking a lot of questions of late, it is not until now that Beck will tell us how we can get the answer and solve the problems. The idea behind the 100-Year Plan, is that it took Progressives 100 years for them to get where they are today. And it just might take 100 years to take it back. Since we don’t have a national leader, then maybe we need to tell our leaders to follow the followers.

To start out with, we need to be educated:

Education is key, and not just for our children. To that end, we will be conducting a series of conventions. These will be full-day experiences where you will be immersed in learning about topics ranging from self-reliance, community organizing, the economy and how to be a political force in your own neighborhood and country. The first one will be in Orlando at UCF Arena on March 27th. You will also be able to vote to have a convention in your region by clicking here.

I suggest you demand that there be one in your area. I’m lucky that the first one will be in my area (Orlando). My main focus will be on community organizing and how to be a politician. As you can see, I am sick of being a follower and want to see if I have what it takes to be a leader. On August 28, 2010, Beck will lay out The Plan on retaking America.

I do want to clear up a few things from Hot Air:

The China reference was only on how the Chiness have a 100-Year plan of their own. Beck only says that it is time we get our own 100-Year plan. He didn’t say anything about thinking like China, but we do need to compete One-On-One with China.

While Glenn Beck is not specifically for 3rd-parties, he thinks that the both the Repubican and Democratic parties are corrupt and out of touch with the American people. If this cluture of corruption doesn’t end soon, Glenn has three simple words: “So Be It!”.

Ok, right now I am falling asleep just writing this down. I will try and upload some pictures I got today on my own site. Peace out!