BREAKING: Orlando Shootings (Continuing Updates)

There have been shootings in downtown Orlando. I-4 has been closed in both dirrections. Orlando Sentinel is reporting two dead.

Update: (1:24pm) Suspect is Jason Rodriguez. May be former employee in building. Will have link when I get it.

He is consider armed and dangerous. They are looking for him in the building. See below.

Update: (1:30pm) Get-a-away car: 2002 Silver Nissan SUV, TAG Number D119UX

Update: (1:36pm) WESH (NBC) is reporting at least 8 shot. WOFL (FOX) confirms.

Personal thoughts: Gah! This is just plain horrible. Two mass shootings in two days. So senseless. This is not the answer people.

Update: (1:46pm) Jason Rodriguez is said to be wearing Blue Shirt and Jeans.

Update: (1:50pm) Listen to live updates at WFLA.

Update: (2:05pm) FBI is involved.

Update: (2:10pm) OPD says 6 Shooting Victims, not 8. Some people had barricade themselves in their offices. People are being questioned.

Update: (2:30pm) Jason Rodriguez has been apprehended! OPD Chief thanks all who worked to get this guy.

No more updates. You can check out FOX News for the latest updates or listen to local radio WFLA.