BREAKING: Democrat Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24) Tells Pelosi "NO!"

Anyone keeping the count on how many Democrats have come out against the Pelosicare?

WASHINGTON — Congressional Democrats lost a key vote in the health-care debate Thursday, when U.S. Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, D- New Smyrna Beach, said she would go against her party and oppose its $1 trillion-or-more plan to cover more uninsured Americans.

The defection comes just shy of an expected Saturday vote on the plan and makes it tougher for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to corral the necessary 218 votes, as nearly every Republican is expected to vote against the proposal.

“As the bill stands right now, I am not going to be able to support it,” said Kosmas, who added that the measure is too expensive and doesn’t do enough to curb the rising cost of U.S. health care. “This is an extremely difficult decision, as you can well imagine.”

She joins Bart Gordon of Tennessee and Ike Skelton of Missouri, both House committee chairmen , in rejecting Pelosicare. Earl Pomeroy has no excuse now for going back on his word. Let’s give these three, three cheers for standing up for the people and rejecting this massive take-over of health care! Let’s hope more Democrats join them!

I want to note that I did see this on the front page of the Orlando Sentinal today. The local editorial people kind of lean left, but they are fair and have printed many Conservative columnists including, but not limited to, Charles Krauthammer. I would read the paper more often if I didn’t get most of my news off the internet.