Yesterday, the Marco campaign emailed me that they were lunching a new fundrasing website that “will be the most powerful online fundraising tool in Florida’s political history.” They did not disappoint.

It’s damning in it’s simplicity. The email I got said this about the site:

This site is a stark, moving and motivating reminder of what’s at stake in this election. It demonstrates how a picture worth 787 billion words can deliver a powerful message about the consequences of big government policies that threaten our economy and health care system, among other areas of American life.

“President Obama is my guy now!” And he will be Obama’s newest token “Republican” in the US Senate. Bad enough he is the Governor of Florida (barf), but if he goes to the US Senate he’ll be everyone’s problem.

I also like how CharlieandObama.com makes no bones about it being set-up and paid for by the Marco Rubio campaign. Unlike the “Truth About Rubio” site and the Charlie Crist “Downfall” video, in which cowards hide behind anonymous attacks.


PS: The real truth comes from Rush Limbaugh, who sums up Rubio as a “down-the-line Reagan conservative”. You cannot get a better endorsement if I do say so myself.