BigGator5 (R FL-05) 2010!

Ok, not really. I want to go through a thought experiment in which I, BigGator5, was to run for Florida’s 5th Congressional District. Since I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, we’ll say Ginny Brown-Waite has chosen to retire and return to private life at the end of her current term. I want to make it clear that she is not and I fully support her re-election in 2010.

I’m an averge joe guy who has had it up to his nose of all the doctors and lawyers taxing his paycheck and not having a say.

I am currently 29-years-old (will be 30 next year) and have been a citizen of Florida all my life. So under Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, I certainly qualify to hold office. The Fourteenth Amendment does not apply to me since I have not held any form of public office, state of federal. I’m an unemployed and barely a penny to my name. Like most people I normally go to work and then go home, so I am barely known outside my street. I want to run as a Fiscal Conservative as a Republican.

For this thought experiment, I want to hire people for some roles. Some of you may be called for down the road, so keep an eye out for my entires. Rivals will be called out for debates only:

My Campaign Manager (handles all day-to-day campaign functions, top advisor):
My Press Secretary (handles media, ads, and website):
Republican Rival #1 (Moderate, but not Liberal, Republican):
Republican Rival #2 (better well known Social Conservative candidate):
Democrat Rival (Blue Dog for general election):

Ok, so this is the questions for part one of this experiment. I have decided I wanted to run for United States House of Representatives. Now what? What do I need? How am I going to get in the Republican Primary (remember, this is Florida)? What kind of website am I going to create (will make a mock campaign site later down the road)?

Remember, this a thought experiment where we ask questions, do research and come up with answers. Most times, there will be no wrong answers. Anyone want to take part in some roles, sign-up here.


PS: Happy Halloween Everyone!