A Man Crush On Marco Rubio

Yesterday I went to see Marco Rubio at The Villages.

Now to set this up, I have more or less been supporting him over Charile Crist because I am mad at how Uncle Crist has been running this state. To support Mr Rubio, I thought I needed to see this guy in action and he didn’t disappoint.

I got there just in time and I got settled in. There was an option to buy lunch there, but I passed. Vicki Case of the Conservative Women’s Movement sponsor the event and she introduced the former Florida House Speaker. He then went on to talked about American Exceptionalism and how passionately he believes in it. Rubio goes on to say that American Exceptionalism is our common heritage and culture. We are a nation in which we can open a business in our garage and either succeed or fail base on our exceptionalism (not the government). We have spent blood, sweat, and treasure to free people (not to conquer them). I did take video of the speech, but here’s this nice video of Marco Rubio that boils down what he said to just six minutes:

He then answered questions with about as much fiery passion as his speech on American Exceptionalism. I won’t go into any, except mine.

I haven’t said much about it, but DragonGate is heading off to Iraq in February (when I got my picture with him later, Mr Rubio said he will be praying for her and I thanked him). Since my thoughts of late are turned to that part of the world, I asked him his thoughts on Afghanistan. While he acknowledge Obama may have more facts than he does, Rubio doesn’t understand the hesitation. He hopes Obama will make a decision (and one recommended by General McChrystal) very soon, adding it is important to not only the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, but to our troops.

Highly impressed, I fully support Marco Rubio. This man is a principle Republican and this Moderate thinks he will be a great US Senator. But he will be, after all, just one man out of one hundred. So I think you should also help Pat Toomey, Chuck DeVore, and Michael Williams as well. Let’s start sending people who will work for us and not for themselves!