The Downfall Of The Hillary Clinton Forums

On the off chance I wanted to see how the Hillary Clinton Forum was taking the election of Dear Leader. Seeing how they were part of the PUMA network of people who oppossed Barack Obama and the Democratic Party’s effort to push him into the nomitation. Obviously, not very well…


Hi guys,

I’ve been a member of this forum for so long, it seems like a part of my life. First we fought for Hillary, then for McCain, it was great! But…it seems Obama’s election has caused everything to crumble – including this forum.

One thing I always loved about this place was that we were all supportive. We all knew each other, and we never fought. I went to DU and saw how they had to constantly fight “trolls” and just a constant mentality to “be on the lookout”…it looked awful.

Now that we’ve become “Common Ground Politics”, we’re no different. We now have to argue with Obama supporters, and this place has been ruined. I mean, I know that Murray secretly supported Obama ((Note: Later refuted by Murray.)) after Hillary dropped out (notice he rarely posted, and when he did he seemed to be on neither side), and I thought it was nice he let us go on supporting McCain in his forum, but that’s over now. Longtime members, who viewed this Forum as a place of safety and refuge, a place for real “moderates” have seen the whole atmosphere change. One by one, we’re leaving…and today I join their ranks.

Thank you everyone…it was great while it lasted…maybe one day we will again find each other in cyberspace…joining together over Hillary’s next campaign. Until then, goodbye..

So basicly what happen, is that Murray (owner of the Hillary Clinton Forum) invited Obama supporters and has abandon PUMA. He now calls the forum ‘Common Ground Politics’. Which got me thinking of PUMA. What has happen to them? Have they folded like HCF?

Luckily, they are still up and running. PUMA is still ground zero for Democratic Party members who are resisting Dear Leader. I wish to reaffirm my support to PUMA and their fight against the far-left politics of Prez-Elect Barack Obama. Please donate if you can. I also like their new nickname for the mass media (So Called Free Press (SCFP)).

Can one of the Directors maybe invite some PUMA leaders over here? I know registering here is no problem, but maybe they don’t know we like and support them.

I’m sorry about what has happen to the Hillary Clinton Forum. It was a place of awesome and win, and we will always remember it as it was and not what it has become. However I am glad that PUMA is still with us. Maybe some good can still come out of Obama’s Administration. Like I said on RS2, we have an opening to create a dialog with these people and show them our conservative values. Who knows, we might be able to convert a few of them.