Why McCain?

On October 20th, I went into the voting booth and voted. It was an easy vote now that I think about it. When I went in, I had a Palin button that had her picture with the caption “Read my lipstick” and is currently my favorite one I have right now. They made me take it off until I left the voting area, but I can understand why. I got my ballot from the nice lady and marked McCain/Palin. I voted for few other people, but that wasn’t why I was there. With my new minted “I Voted” sticker on my chest, I was ready to go knowing I did my part.

So here I am eating dinner with my Grandmother and all I can think about is why did I vote for McCain.

Bush Tax Cuts: He voted against Bush’s tax cuts, but he saids that he now believes they can work if we cut spending. Fair enough. However this is a point against McCain.

Cap & Trade: Is this isn’t the bottom of the barrel crap nonsense if I hadn’t heard one. Both McCain and Obama support some form of this aweful policy. Look, if you want to do this, you don’t punish the polluters because they will only pass the cost to the consumer. You instead reward the non-polluters with tax breaks. If businesses can save a buck without raising the cost of their goods, they will do that any day of the week.

Embryonic Stem Cell: I’ve got two words for you (get ready the barf bag): Axlotl Tank

Closing Gitmo: I might as well go to Iran and get shot between the eyes right now. Closing Gitmo is a really bad idea. No! No! A thousand times no!!

$700 Billion Crap Sandwich: McCain voted for it… Do I have to say more?

Eh, why did I vote for McCain? I just gave myself an upset stomach just writing all that…

~takes some Pepto Bismol*~

Where was I? Oh, yes, why did I vote for McCain? I didn’t so much vote for him, as much as I voted against Obama and that I am scared he might lose tonight.

Let’s be honest with ourselves right now. The left are still fooling themselves into thinking voting against someone is not what did them in during 2004 election. You cannot win an election that way. Who here actually voted for McCain and not just against Obama?

Now it’s still early in the night. We may yet still pull this off. But I am going to go on record right here and now and say that we honestly deserve Obama if he wins! I mean, since 9/11 Republicans have been spending like Democrats. Let’s at least put Democrats in power to do it right!

“But Gator, we have learnt our lession in 2006!” BULL! Less than two months ago, not only did President Bush purpose the idea of the $700 Billion Crap Sandwich, but the entire Republican Leadership folded like a house of cards and let it pass!

I sit here in my room watching Obama win (103 to 45, as I am typing this) and US Senate Republican incumbents lose their seats one by one, but I am ok with it. I say this because the US needs to get the ever loving snot beaten out of us before we wake up. I believe that 11/04/08 will rank along 12/07/41 and 09/11/01 as serious rally call.

“Never again!” We will chant. “11/04/2008! Never again!”

Oh, it might take a year or two for us to realize what we did to ourselves. That’s the most damning aspect of this total loss, we did it to ourselves. School children fifty years from now will be amazed at what we brought upon ourselves. Let me repeat:



*((Note: I just made five bucks! No, I’m just kidding. But I am stocking up on the stuff for the next four years.))