Operation Hold The Line

Since ALL of our leaders here at RedState have officially gone over the deep end ((yet another promoted Pro-Bailout dairy, while those anti-Bailout dairies are not… the fix is in at RedState)), we need to look for leadership elsewhere.

No, not me. I don’t want the job even if you paid me. I’m talking about Michelle Malkin. She has more balls than all the RedState Directors put together! She’s not thrown away her values when push comes to shove and neither have I!

Operation Hold The Line is about calling House Republicans who voted against the bailout on Monday, but I believe you should call anyone and everyone in the House!

Prove to me you are fiscal conservatives and loss of leadership here has not phased you, call the The Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121) and ask them to transfer you to anyone who is not busy! Talk to those Blue Dog Democrats! They all need to hear from the people! I personally do not want to be force feed a 451 page and $700 Billion Crap Sandwich, do you?!

The Bailout passed in the Senate and the Blue Chips is already down some 210 points as I write this dairy! You know what that tells me? That this $700 Billion bailout won’t save us!

Like the great Margaret Thatcher said: “This is no time to go wobbly.”