The Death Of Fiscal Conservativism

Have I called anyone names? Have I said people supporting the Bailout, are “Conservatives Of Convenience” or a “Populist“? Have I lied at anytime?

All I am asking and I have yet to get a striaght answer, is what has happen to our fiscal conservative values? Are they truely for sale at the going price of $777.68?

Three Legs of the Conservative Stool

Did I get an earful of this at the end of the primary when I came here after I got on board with John McCain. But you are right, I am not true conservative by any stretch of the imagination. I am a libertarian when it comes to economics (in other words, I believe in prue economic freedom from the state) and moderate (not a liberal, there is a difference) on social issues (and have made no attempt to hide this fact from you guys). It’s on the thrird leg that I’m a firce conservative when it comes to government, taxes, law, and fiscal discipline. This bailout not only offends my sense of economic freedom from the state, but also fiscal discipline… fiscal conservativism.

We are not here to talk about all of the Three Legs. The time has come, however, to talk about just the one leg: Fiscal Conservativism.

What are the conner stones of fiscal conservativism? Less taxes, less government, and a balance budget. That doesn’t hardly seem like we are asking for much. We look down on pork-barrell spending, wasteful government, and $700 Billion bailouts! Not to mention the other bailouts!

So we were generally united against this bailout when we first heard about it. We all chanted “No Way, No How, No Bailout” in unity. We flooded the The Capitol switchboard (in case you have forgotten, the number is 202-224-3121) and told our reps in the strongest of terms that we did not want this bailout. We drank fully from the cup of conservativism, and it was good. I cried because we had won a great battle. I cried because the stock market took a dive. I cried, much later, because I realized Conservatives everywhere started folding like cheap wet cardboard.

It hurts, because it’s true. I’m not talking to any of you that still opposes the bailout. You are my heroes and I wish you all the luck in your continue fight. You are our future leaders.

All I have been asking the rest of you, is how does this bailout square with the third leg? Oh, we might try to justify it. “The S&L bailout didn’t hurt us. We’ll recover…” And then are we going to have to bailout WallStreet agin in another twenty years? What happens twenty years after that? When does it end? When will the joke get funny?

I am not hear for your amusement. I am not here make friends. I can give a fling flip if you rec this dairy or not. I am not here to sugar-coat the truth. I am here to lower the coffin…

[a closed coffin lowers into an unmark grave]

Ladies and Gentlemen… We’re here today to laid to rest, Fiscal Conservativism. Born July 4, 1776… Died September 29, 2008… Fiscal Conservativism is sevived by a son Defense Conservativism and wife Social Conservativism, both of them has been left a debt of over $700 Billion. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. May whatever God you pray to, have mercy on all of our souls. So say we all!