Governor Sarah Palin At The Villages

Sarah Palin

We all have talked about how much we love Governor Sarah Palin, but how many of us really saw her in person?

You might have heard about the event, but yesterday I took the opportunity to go see her.

I open the paper that morning thinking I was just going to take it easy. I was just going to watch the game (btw, did the Buccs win??) and hang out at home. There on the font page was a small article saying Gov. Sarah Palin was going to be speaking at the The Villages. I turn to my grandmother and said something to the effect that I’d kill to go see her in person. She turns to me and says that it is just up the street (about 20min drive) and if I really want to go, I should just go.

Looking on-line where this event was taking place, I agreed that I should go and left. Like an idiot that I am, I left without sunscreen and a fold-up chair. I am happy to report that the sun burn isn’t that bad and I have great comfortable shoes. Towards the end of the event, I did get a little dehydrated. However that is why invented Gatorade, no?

When I got to The Villages, the first thing I did was eat at this nice pizza shop. After that, I got some campain buttons, with one that had an image of Sarah Palin with the words “Read My Lipstick” which people seem to like the best. I took a lot of pictures of people there. This one sign about Trig touch my heart.

The first to speak at this event was Jim Greer, chairman of Republican Party of Florida. He was cool, but lost his vioce towards the end of his speech. His wife was standing by with some water. Greer quip that “a woman always knows exactly what to do,” which drew a the loudest response during his speech.

Next up was Bill McCollum, Florida’s Attorney General. McCollum really got the crowd ready for the Alaskan Governor. I didn’t get pictures of either of these guys, because my camera’s battery was low and I didn’t want to miss Governor Palin.

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Now it was Sarah Palin’s turn. Once up on stage, she thanked us for the warm welcome. Gov Palin also thanked us for a helping fulfill a family dream of going to Disney World. Even Piper, Palin’s youngest daughter, got to thank the crowd for being able to go.

The speech she gave went down pretty much as one might have thought. I just kept taking as many pictures as I could. I am sorry for the mostly blurry images, but the camera kept focusing on people in the foreground. I was also very far away from where she was speaking. It was fun listening to her in person instead of on the TV (or the computer via YouTube). After she was done, I made a be-line for the campaign HQ and got two yard signs. Then it was home for me.

There is something to be said about going to these events instead of just watching them on your computer. Get out there and enjoy life.