BREAKING: Gov Sarah Palin In Dayton [UPDATED]

FOX News is reporting that Gov Sarah Palin has drop in on Dayton, Ohio. No article yet, but I will post updates as they come in….

As for Pawlenty, it doesn’t look like he’s the one. Not that I had anything against him. I would have supported him too, but if McCain has truely picked Sarah Palin this has gotten me excited.

Sarah Palin

Let’s get to know Sarah Palin:

Summary: She is the first female governor of Alaska, its youngest, and is the first governor born after Alaska achieved statehood.

Energy: Pro-drilling, wants to open ANWR.

Social Issues: Pro-life. Opposes same-sex marriage.

Budget & Economy: Aim to reduce general fund spending in Alaska. by $150 million.

Crime: Pro-Death Penalty.

Health Care: Takes the stance that there should be flexibility in government regulations to allow competition.

Taxes: Repealed “nuisance taxes” including the tire tax in Alaska.

Plane that “dropped” off Palin is owned my McCain supporter.

Tom Ridge’s location unknown. He is thought to be in Washington DC area.

Mitt Romney’s former commutation’s director says Sarah Palin pick is “very McCain”.

I have been trying forever to update and on top of that I feel asleep. However, it is wonderful that Sarah Palin is the VP Choice. Anyway, congrats Sarah Palin!