FY2011 Spending Deal--I'm Disappointed

I’m disappointed.  True, I recognize I don’t have all the facts yet.  I don’t know if they’re coming, or if the players are concealing them for political reasons.

1. The Clean Air Act needs to be restrained.  It’s almost as if it is like a “Living Constitution”.  Now we have to wait to put a wooden stake in this one.  The EPA could create enough havoc to cancel out all the good the spending cuts mean for the economy.

2. Defund Obamacare is alive, but separate?  It will be voted on by the Senate?  WHEN?  It should be voted on within the week, before the funding CR is voted on.  We need to hold the short term Democrats feet to the fire on this travesty.

3. The galactic amount of angst and drama this relatively small cut package have precipitated from the parasites and how it was handled by our boys does not bode well for the future.  The 2012 budget process will be nuclear.  The solution may end up being the 2012 election.

4. “an across-the-board cut intended to save an estimated $1.14 billion.”  …didn’t make it because it included the military.  Let’s see, that must have been less than 1 percent.  WTF.  Everything needs to be cut, including the military, and 1 percent is chicken feed.

5. Agreeing to another one week CR was an afterthought, and none of the “news” I’ve found details it…leading me to suspect the GOP jettisoned their “12 billion in cuts and fund the military thru Oct.”.  If that’s true, they wimped out.  Sure…it was based on “we have a deal”.  Just watch how that deal shapes in the next 7 days….

6. I’m not sure a shutdown wouldn’t have been good for the country.  The crap storm in the media, the violent protests by the union thugs, the actual modest impact, and more and more Americans would see the light.

7. Those sleazes at planned parenthood do not deserve our money, even given so many of their dependents cry for help.  If this money must be spent, give it to an ethical service provider.

8. “The Biggest Discretionary Spending Cut in History”.  Right.  Immediately following “The biggest discretionary spending INCREASE in history”.

At least this will be truly bipartisan legislation…hordes of new GOP Reps will not vote for it.