Why I Didn't Vote for Obama

On Intellectual Redneck .Com:

I’m more or less a one issue voter: character.

John McCain earned his character the hard way — through parties at Annapolis, crashed planes, crashed marriage, crashed Keating scandal. Obama’s character is of recent vintage. He broke a promise to take public funding. He lied.

Immanuel Kant says don’t lie. Even to save a friend from an ax murder. Even to become president. Because one is morally lazy if one can’t figure it out without lying.

We haven’t had a Kantian president since Carter. Nixon, Bush 43, and Clinton were Machiavellian, although Clinton would have rather been loved — and loved, and loved — than be feared.

Obama’s has done mostly a good job so far. And yes I’m rooting for his success. I have too much money invested in his success. But he needs to watch out for overstimulation of the economy and hyperinflation. And he needs to watch out for Huckabee/Palin ’12!