Intellectual Redneck on Cuba (and Beisbol)

In Cuba, they call it beisbol. Perhaps you’ve heard of Luis Tiant, Tony Perez, and Tony Oliva. Or Jose Contreras and Rafael Palmeiro. In recent years, Cuban greats like Livan and Orlando Hernandez have risked their lives to play in the most major of major leagues.

Not where the money is, but where the freedom is. But Cuba itself has a lot to offer. We hope to live blog from there one day. Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb both played some baseball in Cuba.

We like their cigars. They love “our” pastime. And now? It’s past time.

Just as Iraq wasn’t about oil, reaching out to Cuba isn’t about solidifying Florida in the blue column. It isn’t about commerce and trade. It is about life. It is about liberty. And the pursuit of things like beisbol.

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