Huck Must Be Busy

Too busy to respond.  Too busy to send thank-you notes to contributors.  Same with his boy Tedisco?  Not impressed.

Here’s what I wrote on Intellectual Redneck and Bloggers for Huckabee today, among other things:

How do I know he’ll care about the littlest of helpless people, the newborns? If he cares more about a Fox show that isn’t that good. If he pursues a tax plan that will kill some very worthwhile charities? How do I know he won’t make a bargain with the devil to get a Supreme Court justice confirmed? How do I know he won’t keep attacking Mitt Romney, violating the 11th commandment of Ronald Reagan? Why should I vote for him over Sanford or Palin. She’s busy with a family and Alaska.  He’s busy with his state.  What’s Huck so busy with? Am I not busy? Is my blog not as good as yours or as good as his show? I’ve met presidents, the Dalai Lama, and John McCain. I wasn’t impressed with McCain. For a while I was impressed with Huckabee. I asked Huckabee three times for simple requests. Hell, in the Bible the stupid donkey got slapped only 3 times. I only have to ask my Lord and savior once, and He answers. Huckabee will not win the South and the Bible Belt if he keeps on like this.

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