God is Busy

It’s Sunday, and God is busy. He pre-programmed Earth long ago. He gave us a wonderful gift called “free will.” And we are to be the wise trustees of this planet. He’s busy creating new galaxies and universes.

You have to pray for the right things. Sometimes instead of wisdom, you need to pray for patience. Sometimes instead of praying for yourself, you need to pray for others. Or vice versa. You need to pray for the soul of Brooke Bennett, and pray Godspeed that the Legislature will do what’s right, and so will the judges. The meek shall inherit Heaven.

Sometimes you need to pray for safe journey through valleys that seem like the Shadow of Death. And you need to pray for loved ones who are concerned for you.

Sometimes you need to pray that the next great leader will live compassionate conservatism, not just talk it. Sometimes you need to pray that God will look out for our brothers in impoverished North Korea and Iran, because they are God’s children, and Hell, we invented nuclear weapons.

You have to pray that religion will be the opiate of our young, not pills and weed. You have to pray that we will cling to religion, guns, or whatever else God provides us to survive. You have to pray that the Book of Revelations does not become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

God IS busy. He won’t answer ALL our prayers.

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