If We Conceded Gay Marriage, What Then?

Well, there they go again. 

I like to paraphrase Ronald Reagan and try to figure out how he’d respond to certain liberal arguments.

Yet another English teacher has written a letter to one of the local papers here in Vermont, using somewhat tortured logic to make a constitutional argument for the gay marriage bill.

How might Reagan respond? With patience. That in mind, I’ll do my best to provide the words.

Sure. Fine. I’ll accept your logic. Now, guarantee for me the right of fetuses to live, grow, and self-actualize. With no respect to whether they are destined to become straight, gay, rich, poor, abled, or disabled. If gays are born that way, good for them. At least they are born.

Then let’s work on the right of all children to have a mother AND a father. Then we will know that we have interpreted the Constitution in such a way as to protect the helpless first. That is what it means to be a liberal, right?

I dare say it’s what it means to be an Intellectual Redneck. And a big fan of Ronald Reagan.

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