A GOP 50 State Strategy Needed

With a needle that did not point in the same direction as mine, Howard Dean, as Democratic chairman, had a moral compass. Not sure about Michael Steele’s moral compass.

Dean also had a strategic compass and a keen sense of where it was pointing for the last four years. Not sure about Michaels Steele’s, but the direction of Dean’s strategic compass pointed EXACTLY where mine points now. And that’d be toward a 50-state stragtegy.

The GOP needs a 50-state strategy.

Dean sensed that the 2006 and 2008 elections would not be about what states and what districts had done what when. We tend to strategize for the last war. In war and politics.

The election was about Bush fatigue, war-on-terror fatigue, the economy, corruption in Washington — all accentuated by the 24-hour media. And the fact that American politics is all about pendulum swings, even in the traditionally red states and the traditionally blue states.

The pendulum will swing back. Perhaps quickly, depending on the economy. Obama’s personal appeal will not withstand an economic calamity. FDR’s personal appeal would not have withstood massive unemployment for eight years in today’s media climate.

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