Obama Must Fail. Period.

The message of the day today at Intellectual Redneck .Com is:”Let’s see how many times, in the next four years, we can use ‘Obama’ and ‘fail’ in the same sentence.” Then our top article is entitled “Let’s Hope Obama Fails at Turning Us into Imperial Rome.”  Here’s the post:

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. But remember, you’ve created a Caesar.

If there was one thing more humiliating than being hauled off by a Roman tax collector, it was standing in line for a ration of grain. The stimulus workshops being held around the country make me think of Imperial Rome.

The praefectus annonae was the official in charge of the grain in Rome. Get control of the grain, and one had control of Rome. Augustus himself held that position prior to being Emperor.

Obama has control of the grain. He is doling it out. But America is not ready to get rid of her republican (or Republican) values quite yet.

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