Gay Marriage in Yet Another State

A sin is something we do, and repeatedly do, when we give up on ourselves. Gay marriage is about men giving up on women. And women giving up on men. In a sense, isn’t that what divorce is? By giving in to our tendencies to give up, we put all our social institutions in danger, not just the institution of marriage.

Governor Jim Douglas, Republican of Vermont, is a good man. Bill O’Reilly said so. But O’Reilly added that he’s not a strong man. What I believe is that Douglas has lost his way, much the same as many other Republicans. (Three U.S. senators come to mind.)

Douglas has given up on the Republican message. Repeatedly. Most recently, he has sacrificed his own pride by begging President Obama for money.

Now Douglas stands poised and ready to let the gay marriage bill become law without a veto fight.

What other principle will Governor Douglas sacrifice next? He’s given in to the unions on agency fees. What’s next after gay marriage? Vermont is the one remaining state without concealed carry permits for firearms. Will that be next?

It is a pitiful governor that never loses a veto fight. But he’s got time left.

Yes, Douglas has given up on Republican principles. That being said, I’m not ready to give up on him.

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