Are We Losing the War on Drugs?

Three men go into a diner — a policeman, a teacher, and a preacher.
The policeman, a long time veteran, says, “Man, we’re losing the war on drugs.”

The teacher, also a long time veteran, says, “Yeah, we are.”

The preacher says, “Not me! We’re winning it over where I work.”

“Sure y’are,” says the cop. “Yeah, right,” says the teacher. So the preacher explains this to his skeptical friends:

We’re not going to win the “War on Drugs” one community at a time or one school at a time. We’re going to win it one person at a time. For some, education might be enough. For others, it might be the law. For still others, it might require a lot of churchin’. For some, it might mean death. Sometimes great victories are secured, but at great human costs.

The cops can give up. The teachers can give up. But there’ll be younger, more ambitious law enforcement and education people to take their places. And there will always be the churches.

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