The Unrecognized Genius of Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge called Vermont a brave little state.  I’m not sure we are anymore.

In 1927, Vermont was hit with a flood of biblical proportions.  Governor Weeks accepted federal assistance secured by our congressional delegation.  But he didn’t go begging for it.

And Coolidge didn’t rush off to visit the disaster, even though it was in his home state.  He knew that Vermonters could do for themselves.  Vermont would be presented with a federal plan to build 85 dams.  We rejected it.  We knew that the federal government’s answers were not always the best answers for us.

Coolidge did his job.  He gave us what we needed, and he didn’t give us what we didn’t need.  And in the tradition of Cincinnatus and General Washington, he chose not to run again.  FDR had none of that wisdom.

Weeks also gave us what we needed and rejected what we didn’t.

Our nation needs the wisdom of Calvin Coolidge.  And our state needs the wisdom of John Weeks.  Governor Douglas would do well to study Weeks.