Taxation is Slavery

I put this on my blog (Intellectual Redneck .Com) recently.  I thought Red Staters might enjoy it.

Taxation is slavery. The sixteenth amendment was a violation of the thirteenth. And Grover Norquist, in a sense, is the William Lloyd Garrison of his day.

Slaves were cared for. They were fed, housed, and clothed. Some slave masters were abusive. Some were benevolent.

Government does the same. It cares for us. It provides material things for us people it deems too stupid to do for ourselves. Governments too sometimes have abusive leaders.

Was the occasional abusive slave master the problem? If so, the thirteenth amendment should have just outlawed whipping. Maybe it was the arrogant paternalism that was the evil in slavery. And maybe that’s the same evil we face now.

Sharecropping replaced slavery. It wasn’t much better. There wasn’t much freedom. The plantation owner kept most of the money. And he spent on his opulent holdings.

Now we have people who make $250,000. It sounds like a lot of money. But it isn’t anymore. Who knows what they have for bills? Who knows what good or evil they do with their money? And is it our providence to judge?

They work until into June for the government. Shall we make it July?

And where does the January-to-June money go? That we do know. Lately it’s been going to the opulence and splendor of Wall Street executives.

Taxes enslave the government as well. Think of the harmful substances Americans are addicted to — alcohol, tobacco, gasoline. When government taxes them, it becomes addicted to those substances as well. And we know that addictions are enslaving.

Our government once fought arrogant paternalism. First, the British. Then the plantation owner. Then the robberbaron. Now, the government’s own arrogant paternalism has replaced them. It is now what the British were — big taxers. It is what the plantation owners were — enslavers. And it is what the robberbarons were — fat.

Bring back the thirteenth amendment. Throw away the sixteenth. And Godspeed, Grover Norquist!