Obama #@$*ing Up by the Numbers

And the numbers are getting massive. (I’m not going to use numbers. Just a bunch of examples.  And the transitions are quick.)

Sure Obama is great. Great senator. (Well, better than Burris.) Great politician. (Well, better than McCain.) Great orator. (Well, better than just about anybody since MLK himself.)

But remember the Peter Principle. Obama has been promoted to his level of incompetence.

Obama is messing with every good thing that comes out of recessions. It’s like a forest fire. Sure, you can put it out. But then you still have dry, overgrown timber. And the deer can’t browse there. Someone needs to harvest it. Or eventually it will burn. But no deer will be there anyway, so big deal. Let it burn.

The recession has gotten my local schools to realize that they can’t spend beyond their means. But now Obama’s giving them millions to waste again.

The banking industry, the insurance industry, the auto industry — I was sensing that they were all about to get better. They were all about to learn from their mistakes.

These bailouts are like throwing all children with a record into juvenile hall. Children can learn. Does the state have to take custody of them to make them learn? If so, why aren’t the liberals doing exactly that with the little urchins?

The best stimulus might be to build prisons. And juvenile prisons. But bridges? More bridges to nowhere? No politician wants to be the one who lets another Minnesota bridge collapse happen. So the contractors have the politicians by what we rednecks sometimes call “the nards.” Even in states where the pay-to-play rules aren’t outrageous.

Why do we remember the Minnesota bridge collapse? It only killed 13 people. The answer is because bridge collapses are so rare. Bridge fixes shouldn’t take years. Months would make more sense.

There are real lessons to be learned from recessions. Obama’s not learning them. And he’s not allowing others to either.

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