The Urgency of Pretty Soon

Pretty soon the Republican Party will have to coalesce. The various factions will have to come together. The GOP is not a small party. Pundits and opponents make that mistake at their own peril. No, the Republican Party is a fractured party.

Not since Ronald Reagan have social, foreign policy, and economic conservatives been united. Our mission at Intellectual Redneck is to unite us intellectuals and us rednecks. There’s no reason why we can’t take traditional value-based arguments and package them into new, smart, and bold messages. In ways that appeal to the erudite among us. And the common folk among us.

We can agree to a bold, engaging, and active foreign policy, can’t we?  Can’t we, Pat Buchanan? Ron Paul? Are you listening? A foreign policy that’s not naive but not jingoistic either.

We can stick to our capitalist principles, can’t we? And in a Judeo-Christian way. Muslim too, if they want to join us as freedom-loving capitalists. God is a capitalist. He provides. He tests us. And he provides for those who provide for themselves. What can be more capitalist than that?

Capitalism is very much a freedom-loving concept. Much more than a money-loving concept. When they come for our economic freedoms, surely our individual freedoms are next. Requiring auto insurance came first. Then health insurance in Massachusetts. Can requiring gun owners to carry prohibitively expensive liability insurance be far behind?

And then you get a few libertarians that are not strong enough on social issues yet. They don’t have religion yet. The ones that are pro-choice on abortion or pro-choice on drugs. The ones who do not realize yet that there is no liberty without virtue. That’s okay. Ronald Reagan once said, “My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy.”

Who can unite the Party once again? Mike Huckabee? Sarah Palin? It’ll have to be someone with the principles of true Republicanism. And it’ll have to be pretty soon.