The Truth About "Truth Commissions"

“The Truth Commission.”  Sounds like the name of a pop band  — in North Korea.   Pat Leahy can’t handle the truth. He doesn’t want the truth. Really he doesn’t.

Okay, here’s the truth.  Leahy’s state of Vermont is the most liberal state in the country. An exit poll conducted by WCAX Channel 3 indicated that 32 percent of Vermonters consider themselves liberal.

But a lot of other states are close. And more importantly, 44 percent consider themselves moderates. That’s 68 percent that consider themselves conservative or moderate.

President Ford may have cost himself a close election by pardoning Nixon. But this ain’t Watergate, and Leahy’s not being asked to pardon or not pardon anybody.

The truth is that if Leahy persists in pursuing this “Truth Commission” thing, he’s going to painted a McCarthyistic zealot. Every partisan statement in support of not impeaching Bill Clinton will be used against him, and Governor Jim Douglas, a brilliant campaigner, will know just how to do it. It’s been a long time since Leahy’s fought a tough campaign. It will have been 30 years in 2010.