Vermont Board of Education Says No to School Choice

Even though the Vermont State Board of Education is now stacked with the handpicks of Governor Douglas, it seems to be under a “Stockholm Syndrome” sort of grip of the Education Establishment.  And so they’ve decided not to endorse, consider, or even hardly acknowledge a survey of the attitudes of Vermonters toward school choice (they’re for it!) co-sponsored by the Friedman Foundation and Vermonters for Better Education.

The Brattleboro Reformer first broke the story.  Subsequently, the Board of Education voted to not accept the survey.  In an email circulated among education reformers in the state, Chris Robbins announced, “As you know, yesterday the SBE voted against my motion to ‘accept the survey as a legitimate reflection of Vermont’s opinion on K-12 education and school choice…'”  Robbins noted that the vote was 5-3, and that the “Gang of Three” that supported the measure, and other reform measures over the years,  have had their terms expire. 

I hope Governor Douglas will appoint other reform-minded individuals, who will resist Stockholm Syndrome.

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