Sanders Actually Endorsing Progressives Again

Vermont’s largest newspaper is reporting that Senator Bernie Sanders, a progressive Independent, is endorsing Burlington’s Progressive incumbent mayoral candidate Bob Kiss.

Sanders abandoned his old Progressive Party last year when he snubbed Progressive candidate for governor Anthony Pollina.  Pollina edged out Democrat Gaye Symington, the sitting House speaker, for second place.  With no help from his former boss, Sanders.  

Why did the snub happen?  Who knows?  As one prominent progressive-minded reporter (and big critic of Republican Governor Jim Douglas) told me: 

Maybe because Pollina’s a crappy candidate? Or, that there were two crappy candidates in the  race? I know Gaye was working Sanders hard for an endorsement, and I  think in an effort to “keep the peace” Bernie just sat it out. Or,  disinterest in hitching his name to another loser.

The critics of Douglas seem frustrated.

Now that it looks like a Republican can actually win this mayor’s race, it’s getting exciting.  Republican candidate Kurt Wright is the current president of the city’s board of aldermen and a state legislator.  It’s amazing how he keeps getting elected from his district. But then, it’s amazing how Douglas keeps getting elected.

If Wright wins this race, he will become the darling of the Vermont Republican Party.  You heard it here first.