Looking Out for the Little Guy: The Lesson of the Cleaning Lady

I hired a cleaning lady before the recession began.  I’m a bachelor.  A busy professional.  And I have two cats and a dog.  Mine is not an easy house to clean.

She stopped coming after two sessions.  She couldn’t handle it.  But she never just told me.  Instead I had to wonder, and then eventually call her.  She was sheepish on the phone, as she should have been.  She didn’t have my polite upbringing.

But she has a capacity to learn.  And I need a cleaning lady.  So, I might call her up, ask how the recession is treating her, see if she still wants to work hard, and ease her out of the penalty box.

However, Bernie Sanders and the liberals who want to keep increasing welfare benefits are frigging with her ability to learn.  And they’re frigging with my clean house!

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