God Has a Sense of Humor...But...

God has a sense of humor.  Heck, he invented humor.  And by God, I don’t mean George Burns.  One of God’s smarter children ever, Aristotle, said, “The gods too are fond of a joke.”  So perhaps He will forgive me for the blasphemous joke in the message-of-the-day on my site today.

God has a sense of humor.  But he also took a wonderful, sweet, young girl from us in Vermont last year.  Bill O’Reilly has ridiculed us for not passing Jessica’s Law.  And maybe that’s part of what we need.

But what we need is real understanding.   Why did He take her from us?  Well, there’s a lot of evil in this world.  Real hard core evil.  And it’s all human-created evil.  What I want to know is this: why do we expect God to fix it with HIS goodness, when he created so much goodness in us?

Maybe we’ve grown too complacent.  With our laws.  With our justice system.  With our schools.  With our society.  Whose good is supposed to fix this complacency?  God’s?

No.  Ours.