Reverend Al: "The Irrelevant Life"

For those interested in Middlebury College’s liberal misguidedness or the topic of diversity, I have a followup on the Reverend Al’s visit on my blog today.  But this short piece is for Red Staters:

Al Sharpton’s words provoked.  For me, they alternately angered, bored, and inspired me to write about my principles.  But no words troubled me more than these:

“For a clergyman, the hardest role is to preach the funeral of the irrelevant person.” 

The faith that I have recently reconnected with has taught me some humility.  So, I know I’m not really ready to write about this.  I know, as a Christian, it’s not the way I ever would want to inspire children to service.  (Stirring college kids to activism, is not an unworthy goal. )

Anyway, that’s how Al put it.  I don’t yet know how to express my reaction.  I’d be interested in what Red Staters think.  I will be discussing it with my pastor.  Maybe I’ll interview him, since I didn’t get to interview Al.